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The Neville Goddard Collection

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The Neville Goddard Collection

Autor Neville Goddard

Introducing The Neville Goddard Collection. It has been my pleasure to devote my time to improving one of the best books available, in my humble opinion, and give students of Neville a more enjoyable reading experience. What's n ... celý popis


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Introducing The Neville Goddard Collection. It has been my pleasure to devote my time to improving one of the best books available, in my humble opinion, and give students of Neville a more enjoyable reading experience.

What's new in The Neville Goddard Collection?

For starters I have reformatted his entire collection of 10 books. This makes it easier to read, understand and comprehend. I have also added 2 of his more famous lectures, The 1948 Class Lessons and The 1951 Radio Talks, making this the most complete Neville book available. While his 10 books covers most of his material, I felt what was missing is now covered in these 2 lecture series.

From inside the book Editors Notes There are many noticeable differences in this collection of Neville Goddard's books that you are not likely to find in any other of his books or collections. As a student of metaphysical literature, I have come to appreciate the value of having a well formatted book which has greatly enhanced my learning curve. It was with this in mind that I have undertook this project, a labor of love, in reformatting, revamping and restructuring the entire layout of Neville's 10 books as well as two of his finest lecture series, the 1948 Classroom Lessons and July 1951 Radio Lectures/Talks. My reason for this is simple. It is easier for me, and I believe for anyone, to absorb the material of any book, especially a book of this caliber, when the formatting or layout isn't a distraction to the reader and allows them to put all their efforts and concentration into the content itself, which after all is the main purpose of studying a book such as this. I believe this new formatting will maximize and facilitate the students time as well as enhance the overall experience of studying the world's greatest mystic's teachings. I feel I have created an ambiance which will allow the reader to absorb the material with much greater ease.

Changes . . .

Improvements Made Wider margins, improved formatting/layout, chronological order of the year the books were originally published rather than alphabetical, with the exception of the 1948 Classroom Lessons and 1951 Radio Talks, which have been placed at the back of the book. I have left the chapter indexes out at the beginning of each book. Rather, I direct you to the master index at the end of the book, should you choose to locate your favorite chapters or books. There is a Book Directory at the beginning. The title page of each book now has the original year of publication for that specific book. I have also changed the headings. This will make it easier to know where you are in the book, while reading it, which I feel is important considering this book contains several different books and lectures. Each page heading now shows the title of the book . . The chapter number . . and the chapter title.

This makes for an easy reference point no matter where you are in the book during your studies. I have removed the reference to verses (such as John 1:1) from all scripture and instead have centered and italicized each one, as to set it apart from Neville's teachings of that scripture. I believe the point he was making was about scripture and which actual verse it was, had no actual bearing on those interpretations. I have reserved 10 Pages for Notes, placed at the end of the book. This makes it more convenient, when referring back to them, rather than flipping through the book looking for specific notes. 

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